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Porta pallet racking

This kind of shelving is used for storing goods placed on pallets. The pallets may be the classical wooden pallets but also plastic and metal pallets or containers.

Our production range consists of:

  1. Uprights; four different uprights sections, each section with three different thicknesses thus giving the possibility to choose between no.12 different uprights
  2. Beams; three different beams section, each with six different heights (from 60 to 160 mm) with three different thicknesses thus giving the possibility to choose between no.54 different beams.
  3.  Diagonals; three different diagonals with three different thicknesses thus giving the possibility to choose between no.9 different diagonals.

These are the main elements of pallet racking. The uprights are joined together by diagonals to create a frame and the beams that join the frames create layers on which the pallets are stored.

Depending on the height of the frames there will be several layers where to store pallets.
The height of the uprights can reach 24 m and more even though for transport reasons they may be produced of 12 m and then joined on site.

The distance between the layers depends on the height and weight of the goods on the pallets.

As per fact the one of the widest range in the world and the widest available in Russia today.

Modular construction allows repositioning of the beams in any moment and on any level. It means that the whole structure can be easily changed for new production and/or storehouse needs.

We are also the only company that can reach the capacity of 36 Tons per shoulder and the only company producing the Extra Heavy Duty Upright that can be used for the self-supporting stores that are buildings that do not have a metal structure because they are built on the pallet racking structure actually acting as the supporting metal structure.

Our production range includes a wide range of options such as no. 15 different types of shelves of different thickness, perforated for anti-fire, flat or ribbed to fulfil all needs, back stoppers for goods and pallets positioning, different accessories for goods storage (barrels, containers etc.)

To increase operation safety the frames are equipped by standard and not standard protection barriers.

Due to the wide range of needs and the wide range of products to fulfil the needs please contact our managers and ask your question right now! 

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